Thursday, 12 April 2012

need time

sometimes we need time
to change our attitude..
but sometimes,not only us
must to change,,
that is important when we
together to change our bad attitude,,
that what i want,
i dnt wnt ur money,
i dnt want da big gift,
i just want u take care about me..
know how much that i love u
more thn that,,
coz in ma heart that only just one name
one person,is U..
how many times u wnt i told u
what ur problems?
we not are children anymore..
but,we never can discuss about this
like a mature people..

so,i make this..
i not throw away u from my life,,
i never hate u,i cannot hate u..
this is da stupid things that i do
but this way i think can give me
a big impression
a good result for me n our relationship..

we not clash,
but i need time,,
plies for this time,,understnd me 
for a little while..

I can accept,if u hurt my body..
but i can't accept u hurt my heart,,
body can treat,but heart????
u think n u find da answer..

i write what i feel..
but i never let u go..
just want a little space..
to give my heart strength,,
i luv u more than words..

dun worry, i never have a another person
only yuu..
n always yuu..
thanks 4 da everything..
muchoss of love..

lock this two heart

*kadang2 ader hati y perlu di rawat,ada minda yg perlu dkosongkan untuk seketika..

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