Friday, 6 May 2011

InILah CiNtAkU..

OnCe uPoN a tImE SoMeThInG hAPpEneD To Me..
It WaS ThE SwEEtEsT tHiNg tHaT eVeR cOuLd bE..
It WaS tHe FaNtAsy,A DreAm CoMe TrUe..
It WaS tHe DAy I MeT yOu,I CrY fOr ThE pAiN..
anD tHe DEsIrE oF sOmEtHiNg NeW,
It WaS aLl BeCaUsE i miSs YoU..

Wah intro kaw..hehe..tu lah ak yg sebenarnyer,.sejak dua tige menjak ni angau berlebihan suda..ok 4 your blog nie.ader share partner ngn my huby..or lam bhse len nyer blog ak,blog huby ak gak cam2 story la yg akn kua at now ak bhgie ngn aper yg ak ader,ckup jela sorang my lover ok..xperlu nk pasang byk2 laki k..setia pader y satu k..tht true my huby?..ok cukup sudah story ak ari nie.mata ini sudah mau terpejam udah nampak my bebe y wangi tur,,hehe..miss u my lover.

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