Tuesday, 7 February 2012

cuti2 malaysia..

Assalamualaikum blogersss..
Ok u olls can look at da tittle
Very da mengelabah an da entry
for this time..
hahaaaaha..(gelak panjang2)

last week my friends n i
go to da jalan2 at kb a.k.a korea n bandung..
da fis place that we go is 
eat place..becoz we also not eat anything..
we choice yee mee for our breakfast..
(poyos ini minah)

and then,when we finish our eating
we go to the,,book paradise
to looking for book that i want
book,owhh correction here..*novel*
i want this novel bcoz my friend say
this novel is very interesting and can make
someone feel sad,happy and can feel evrthing
when we concrn about this story,,
(ape aku merepek ni?)
but,very2 sad..
the novel that i want
dah habis stock
sooooo....i feel so sad..
and u want know wht happen to me..
oooowhhh just look this pic..

look 4 da tittle
oke..just my eyes can tell wht i feel..
hahha poyo giler..

Sad timee..

now i want story about
with who i hang out..
this is my friends 
this pic before
we fly with msia airlines

this plak
time i  bully my friend,,
at chilie garden..

we was very tired..
but i want story about
da another plce that we go..
is bandung..

at bandung we go to the
spa,disneyland and flower garden..
this our picture that
we sempat snap2,,
spa Q

Flower Garden

our place that we go very interseting kan?
but sory to say
this entry is so
merepek n so mngelabah
bcoz i'm the type of person that have dream
so i make this story
for da different situation
and da different pic..
actually this pic
that we snap is only in malaysian country

FYI i just want to write this entry in 
eng becoz i want to improve my eng..
this word that i describe here
from my little bit heart and
i use my brain to translate this
and make our picture
to da funny and best story,,
so so so sorry to all
that read my entry this time..
sory for da *pasar english*that i use..
but iam very happy..
finally i have da confident to try 
story in english in my our words.
(aku pon xpaham)

tengs for read this <3

*practice make perfect..

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